Hey folks! As our podcast states, we are George Sluppick, Robert Barnett, and Chad Anderson, “three soulful drummers discussing music, life, and sometimes a bit of nonsense!” The three of us–our lives and our creative output–intersect in incredible ways, thus, we’ve been like brothers for years. Ideas of ways to collaborate have been floating for years…until the establishment of this podcast and website: The Set Break!

Per George Sluppick: Several years ago, Chad and I began having these marathon phone conversations where we would get super deep and often times philosophical in regards to our own individual lives on the drums. We would talk for hours about relationships, keeping time, the importance of the quarter note, taking practice more seriously but not being too hard on ourselves, and so on. For me personally, I would usually hang up the phone feeling lifted, emotionally-speaking, elated even. Chad Anderson has quite a way with words and will show you things about yourself both positive and negative that maybe you can’t see in that moment but absolutely exist. Anyhow, these chats went on for years until texting came into everyone’s lives and we jumped on the bandwagon with both feet, spending hours and hours having weekly chat sessions. I decided one day to bring Robert (AKA, Slaw) into the mix because he and I had become really good friends and were also spending lots of time discussing many of the same things Chad and I were. This had been going on for at least five years when one night after a two-hour long marathon text with these two crazy dudes, I copied/pasted a chunk of the really good stuff from our chat into a Word doc, edited it to look like an interview and sent it to them, not really thinking much of it. Well, Chad showed it to his lovely wife, Patrice and she immediately got into the mix…

PA: Y’all. Add Robert. Y’all need to have a podcast. I’m setting one up since I know Chad won’t pull the trigger. We can skype 3-ways or find a better audio conferencing solution. I’m doing online teaching right now so I’m fully in online collab stuff.

CA: Robert/George…that’s Patrice. She’s kicking our asses.

PA: I have a web server.

RB: I’m afraid….what’s going on here?

PA: I’ve been listening to My Favorite Murder podcast, and if two annoying–but sometimes inappropriately funny–LA girls can do it. Y’all can too.

RB: Oohhh, ok. You’re lifting us up here.

CA: Slaw, I just showed her George’s text-to-interview conversion. She is like “What the hell……Y’all need to do this!” She says we gotta make a podcast and do this thing.

PA: Exact words. I’m tired of rolling my eyes every time Chad says…”I probably need to write this down one day.”

CA: See what you did, George!? Oral history is important. It’s a thing. I know a couple guys have one already in Memphis music. We’ve unloaded some incredible exchanges so at least it’d be another way for us to get it out of our heads. Yeah? No? I don’t know. Now I have to because Patrice is on my ass now. ??

PA: Yep. Plus. Y’all can hang more (even if it’s online) and maybe something can come from it.

GS: The Set Break is kinda cool…

PA: thesetbreak.com is available

RB: I’m afraid

GS: Maybe just set break?

CA: Oooh the set break! Damn I kinda dig that too. Talking sh!t between sets! ??

GS: Exactly. And I’m often in a text chat with y’all during set breaks. So it’s perfect!


…and so it began.