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Hey everybody, Chad here…

For years, Robert, George and I have shared volumes of texts and emails that are most often filled with links to videos or audio of our influences and/or creative launch points. I am hoping that a lot of that sort of thing can happen here so that we can open the circle of dialog and inspiration beyond our triangle.

While I could spend months writing about my influences, and especially Max Roach, I will truncate this such as to encourage those interested (especially those new to drums), to make sure you know who Max Roach was…and what substantial contributions he brought to the evolution of modern music…and culture, politics, and beyond.

Much more later, but I’ve found that this footage has, once again, been uploaded to YouTube. While there is important (earlier) footage available of Mr. Roach, this particular footage is some of my personal favorite. The angles and close ups of his drumming highlight his focused drive and conviction. CONVICTION.

That regal melodic, rhythmic propulsion…untouchable.

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